What Is the Best Way to Extract Referrals From Your Clients – by Gannon Mahaffay

The best way to extract referrals is to make it seem like the efforts to acquire that referral is coming from the referring client. You have got to team up with your referring client for the best results.

The old way of getting referrals is to simply tell your client to have anyone they know that needs your service call you. Relying on your client to execute the referring introduction will lead you nowhere. It’s nothing more than an awkward COLD lead.

These days your clients have lots of accessible friends. These friends can be contacted via social media, email and text messaging. Snail mail is still very important as well but remember all this needs to be executed by you, sounding and feeling like its coming directly from your client.

It’s always nice to let the person who referred you make the first contact and talk about how wonderful you are. So, let me repeat myself, because it’s very important. When you set up this multi-step campaign make sure all...

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