10 Ways To Prevent Sales Objections – by Gannon Mahaffay

Your price is too high. Whatever! I hate it when I hear this objection and It's the number one objection to buying your pest control services PERIOD. Why do pest inspectors continue to listen to this B.S.?  I just don’t understand… It can and should be prevented.

There are no new objections. You've heard them all before. Can you imagine the prospect saying, Your price is too high, and you responding, Really, I've never heard that before. (Actually, that response may be better than the one you're using.) In the pest control industry, there are around 10 reasons why the client won't buy from you right now. Some objections are just delay tactics or hesitation by the prospect to tell the inspector no. I don’t have to tell you that this is extremely FRUSTRATING!

I have a solution to your problem…  Prevent objections by overcoming them in your presentation before the prospect has a chance to speak up. Prevention is the best medicine to cure objections.

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