Your Company Doesn’t Suck… So Why Are You Selling Your Services So Cheap – By Gannon Mahaffay


I have regular conversations with pest control business owners across the world and going up against companies that are selling their services way too cheap is at the top of the complaint list.

It seems that everyone out there is trying to lower their price  to gain new clients or keep the ones they have.

Don’t do it! When you lower your price for service you are saying, “yeah we suck, and we have so little to offer to the prospect or   client that we have no other option but to lower  our prices.”  Just remember this: “If you live by price, you will die by price.”


Situational example:

In the early years of my pest control career I had a very productive termite inspector working for me who accounted for about half of the total sales of my business at the time. We will just call him Joe to protect the guilty.  On paper Joe was very successful, so I kind of let him do his own thing for a while because he...

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