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Community Management Specialist

Issued By: Digital Marketer

Certified Community Management Specialists are uniquely qualified to help businesses create, grow, and maintain thriving online communities that drive business value - providing a powerful tool to build leads, sales, and loyalty. They are trained to properly apply communities into the marketing mix that benefits both brands and community members, transform customer relationships into strong emotional bonds, and keep the community environment safe through proactive and reactive moderation strategies.

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Gannon Mahaffay

Gannon has been thriving in the pest control industry since 1996. He has worked as a Technician, Sales Inspector, Manager, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Chemical & Equipment Supplier, 2-Time Owner, Investor and Business Coach. Gannon's experience and knowledge have helped businesses achieve success they never thought possible.

Now, Gannon has created the world's best pest control e-learning & social media platform to help you grow your business. He is determined to help you reach your goals and achieve success.